Always need my music, just some days more than others!

The Piano Concerto No. 3 saw its debut three years after its completion on April 5th, 1803. The concert held on that day featured only Beethoven compositions. I find it totally amazing that Beethoven played the solo piano part from memory since he hadn’t managed to write it out entirely. He completed the solo part only a year later when his friend and student Ferdinand Ries had to play it.

For me Beethoven’s Concerto No. 3 brings about a fullness throughout the instruments, not just the piano. There is something dynamic in this composition and presents, again in my opinion a clarity of sound that I enjoy. This was the first Beethoven piece I learned to play on the clarinet.

Click on the above links to hear Krystian Zimerman play this wonderful piano concerto and enjoy!

thedogs 003

This boxer was one of my cousin David Bartley’s dog. He raised them most of his life. All were pretty sweet dogs but the female above was the sweetest. She would sit and stare at you until you acknowledged her, usually by a rub on the head, then go away for awhile. This is her waiting for just that!


David_and_Grandson Asher_in2014That is David with his grandson Asher. David passed away Nov. 14th, 2014 and I miss him and the dogs very much. Here is a tribute I did on my blog when I found out he had died.

A Tribute to David Bartley