New rules… 

RE/MAX-Childrens Miracle Network

RE/MAX-Childrens Miracle Network

Mortgage lending, appraisals, longer closing dates, tenants renting a home that just got foreclosed, short sales, etc.’s really going on with TX RE?

And the changes go on and on. In my opinion, and not just because I’m in the business, whether your selling or buying, better have representation to guide you through the new maze! Things have been changing so fast that myself along with the mortgage, title, appraisers, etc.┬áthat I use are constantly trying to keep up.

The pros will do this, the part timers in this industry will not. So when you are looking for an agent to represent you, better do some quality background checking! I don’t always have ALL the answers but I do align myself with other experts in their field, IE. mortgage, insurance, title, etc.

Call me to discuss your real estate needs or just to get some answers that you might have. 817-276-5149 or Steve