Tax Strategy Class at ARBOR

The ARBOR Education committee is providing a very useful Tax Strategies class and is scheduled for January 13th (10-11:30am). This class has been added to the ARBOR Calendar and is open for registration.

Proven Tax Strategies for the Real Estate Professional

Learn how to keep more of the money you earn! Find new deductions in the current Tax Law to help you help your CPA. Learn to become more tax efficient in your business planning for 2016!!

Topics include:
How the new tax law affects purchases of cars, computers and desks; how will the Healthcare Reform Act impact your 2016 deductions; How to make the 105 Medical Plan work for you; how to double your entertainment deductions; why Real Estate Professionals are now eligible to claim their home office as their “principal place of business”; how to properly record and document business expenses to help Real Estate Professionals help their accountant; how to maximize vehicle deductions while reducing record keeping time and how to document and audit-proof your business tax records.