In remembrance of John Hancock

Just learned that my Brother in the Lord and friend John Hancock passed away after his battle with cancer. I didn’t know John for very long but easily called him my friend after meeting him the very first Sunday at Church back in August last year. Just one of those folks you are immediately drawn to. A wonderfully happy personality, loved to laugh and man could he play that guitar! Matter of fact the first day I met him I said, John you really look familiar. We got to chatting and realized we had both played with several musicians we knew in north side Ft Worth areas way back in late 60’s to mid 70’s. 

When I heard he died I thought gee, didn’t really have much time to get to know him, then it dawned on me, I will get to spend eternity with him so whats the rush?

John, you blessed me with your guitar playing and the privilege of playing drums with you, but most of all, you blessed me with your great attitude and love for the Lord and His Word! As you and I already discussed, give Cara a big hug and I look forward to seeing you later Brother.