He’s been there all along…


When your sad & beaten down, I’ve been there all along.

When the circumstances say, you’re done, I’ve been there all along.

When heartache and pain just get too much, I’ve been there all along.

As hopelessness presents its front, I’ve been there all along.

When you feel you can’t go on, I’ll be there all along.

And as you say, my strength is gone, My strength is there all along.

Look up, your day is near, I’ve never left you, all along.

Stand erect and do not fear, I’ve been beside you all along.

Lift up your voice and sing a new song, I’m still here all along.

Raise up a standard to the world, I’ll stand with you all along.

So don’t look anxiously about you, I’m right here, all along.

Be still and know I am with you, For I’ve been there all along.