Texas Real Estate & YOU

I have promoted http://www.texasrealestate.com several times as a site to get viable, up to date Texas real estate news & issues. The site is being enhanced with new search features & also new Texas property searches! This new product should be out October this year.

There is always a lot in the news regarding national real estate issues & I do like to keep up with these, actually every time I do makes me so thankful to be a Texas Realtor because we really have it pretty good in the Lone Star State! But net net bottom line, when I want the local weather forecast I don't look to see what the weather is in New York.
Same with real estate, keep your focus centered on your state & a good idea to narrow your info down to your local area you live in. Even if you do need info for out of Texas, you'll still want to know your local issues regarding selling & or leasing.
Call or email me or you can respond to this blog!! More to come from the Texas Association of Realtors convention in Galveston.