Real estate & various oddities 

An interesting title but I have found real estate to be a most interesting career. Understandably, I might add, that when people are making what is usually the largest investment of their lives, they don't always act like we as Realtors think they should, or worse…want! Ah, but then I remember that I am to be a good steward of their trust & confidence & hopefully, at that point start seeing things in a whole new perspective, maybe even from the seller or buyer's point of view…scary, but I remind myself, that is the perspective I should have kept in the forefront all along. What a concept in sales & marketing, putting the client & customer first!

Of course this great thought comes while having a glass of wine at D*Vine wine in Burleson. As Gene Autry would say…whoa…they are not even a client, wow, free advertising…& what's up with that???