Another RE/MAX Aniversary

When I started Real Estate in 1989 it was my goal to be at RE/MAX within 5 years. I made that decision because of the RE/MAX business plan and surrounding myself with some of the best agents in the business. Just about hit my goal right on the button because on this day, March 29th, 1995 I joined a great company and have been blessed by that decision ever since. 

No one ever hears me say that you should leave this company or that one to come here, or for that matter go anywhere. Instead I will share with other folks why I am at RE/MAX and also point out other companies benefits and what they have to offer. Most real estate companies offer good training, etc. and each agent must decide for themselves after interviewing which fits them best. Kinda of reminds me of sellers interviewing agents!
Have a great Tuesday!
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