More good news regarding our State of Texas Real Estate Market

Per the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M Texas home prices, per the latest Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data show Texas home sales had a 9 percent year-over-year increase last month while the median price was up 5.9 percent. Months’ inventory was at 3.6 months. Real Estate Center economists consider 6.5 months a balanced market. Also construction on new homes in Central Texas jumped nearly 8 percent in the third quarter as builders began making up for time lost because of bad weather earlier this year.

If you are thinking of selling it’s still a very strong sellers market but to all you folks interested in homeownership, moving to a larger home or downsizing, with continued low-interest rates it’s a great time for you as well.

Thinking about purchasing a new or pre owned home? Why not consider keeping your current home as an investment property by leasing it? It could be a great opportunity to add income and even funds toward retirement! Call or email me to find out if your situation would work for this or if you would just like more information on purchasing investment property. I have provided professional leasing and property management for over 24 years and know the ins and outs of whether it is a good idea for you to lease out your home and if you would even be able to do it at this time.

Correct knowledge is power and finding out the correct information is the best way to get started! If you like I can email you my leasing and property management synopsis as well.

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