The Power of Trust depends on who and what your Trust is based on

This month marks 26 years in the Real Estate business for me, not to bad for an old or maybe I should say “young” cowboy and Ironworker! Sometimes it doesn’t seem that long and other times it feels like 50+ years. Have you ever noticed so many things in life are like that.

When I was still working as a Union Ironworker on high-rise buildings I decided to test the theory of the Earth’s gravitational forces and fell 3 stories, breaking my back and sundry other items in this already damaged body. Approximately 6 months of physical therapy later I had no idea what to do with my life. Lot’s of “unknown” issues going on in our minds can make trusting in God’s plan even harder. Believe me I prayed really hard for God’s direction, especially since my schooling after high school consisted of 6 years professional rodeo and Ironworking mixed in and this did not seem to impress any employers that I met with. Because I had a family I needed to work doing something, an opportunity came along that if you would have told me that would happen and I would agree to take on this opportunity I’d said you were crazy and that was selling Electrolux vacuum cleaners door to door and then in Sam’s and a few other stores. To be honest and believe me when I say I really didn’t want to sell vacuum cleaners, especially door to door but it seemed like the more I rebelled against it the more I knew that this is what I should do, at least for a while to make some monies until something else would come along. Now my prayers were more along the line of please Lord, bring something else along Sir. With that being said I was very thankful for at least having a job that actually paid well.

God’s plan for us is so much higher and better than what we can even imagine and one day I sold some cleaning products to a very cute young lady named Cherri Huddleston who owns Cherri Huddleston Properties. She mentioned I should get into Real Estate and the rest is kinda like they say…history! Again, thankful for the complete recovery from the fall and the vacuum sales as it allowed me to sell my product in the evening and on weekends while attending Dick Smith’s school of Real Estate or as I named it…Uncle Dick Smith’s school of fun, comedy and great real estate stories that helped in a better understanding of the curriculum.

Along this 26 year path the Lord has blessed me with a wonderful business, clients, customers, lasting Realtor friendships and making more money than I would have ever imagined. Also because of my families declining health I was able to structure my business to assist them better. Wow, I look back and all I can say is thank you Jesus for You truly have done exceedingly greater than all I could have ever imagined or actually even hoped for! 

I shared this not to draw attention to me or state that I have mastered a complete trust in God’s plan but I’ve learned and continue to learn that when you and I put our trust in God He will do exceedingly more for you as well. It sure didn’t seem like He was doing any of this for me as I sold vacuum cleaners for almost 9 months before the real estate opportunity came along so hang in there!  headstraight_weblg