A little story with a huge truth

This was in an article I read regarding scouting. It deals with scouts but sure applies to my life and business as well. Yep, even at 61 there are foundational truths that never grow old.

In sales, no matter how good your cause is (or no matter how cute you are in your little Scout uniform) people don’t owe you anything. They have to have a reason to want your product or “service.” Most people who donated or bought popcorn told the kids that they wanted to support the Scouts because they themselves or their children had been Scouts. My guess is that they knew the good works that Scouting does for kids and it made them feel good to make a small investment in that.
I agree with this theory. Even if the Scout doesn’t go into sales as a career, he’ll still hear “no” a lot in life. But he’ll have the strength to keep his chin up and keep pressing for that “yes.”

How about it’s application to our lives, whether we are in sales or not.

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