Where to spend your remodeling dollars—and projects to avoid

Here is some good information to help answer questions that I get asked quite often…what is the best money I can spend on remodeling and updating?…


If you’re renovating a property to add value, the 2014 Texas Remodel Valuation Report shows you exactly where to spend your money. The report analyzed the project recoup costs and recoup cost growth in 2013 for over 20 different remodeling projects nationwide, in the south central U.S., and in Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Houston and San Antonio.

Smaller projects that boost a home’s curb appeal continued to be popular in most markets. Steel entry door replacements, for example, ranked No. 1 for total recoup cost nationwide, in the west south central U.S., and in Houston, recouping up to 105.5% of the total project cost. In addition, projects that increased a home’s livable square footage using existing spaces showed significantly higher recoup cost values and growth in 2013. Basement remodels ranked in the top five for recoup cost in four of the five major cities in Texas, recouping up to 99.6% of the total project cost.

Conversely, costly room additions and upscale remodeling projects were among the least profitable projects. Sunroom additions, for example, ranked in the bottom five for recoup cost in five Texas metro areas, recouping a maximum of 61.3% and as little as 38% of the total project cost.

Download the 2014 Texas Remodel Valuation Report