A privilege and an opportunity…


 I consider it a privilege getting to meet Ted Cruz, Republican candidate in 2012 for U.S. Senator from Texas at the Texas Realtors State convention in San Antonio last month. I was very impressed with his speech to our group. His challenger…Paul Sadler…not so much. But as some might say, just my opinion! 

Also enjoyed listening to him and Rick Santorum at the GOP Convention. I'm glad the elections are almost here, please get out and vote. 

Our Country is at a major crossroads, more dangerous than I imagine any of us really realize. 

And please do not be like so many that feel it's a waste of time to vote or that what does my vote matter, both the candidates are no good. Sadly I hear that a lot and even worse, I heard it in Church one day, the statement that this is all we've got to vote for? In a few words that person was making a very bold statement that it just didn't matter. I disagree and I see in God's Word where He does not agree with that either. We've been given a great privilege and opportunity in this great Country of ours, the right to vote and make a stand for what we believe in. So do it or don't complain when it does not turn out like you like it.

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