True Encouragement…not fluff

A side note to this since it seemed to have been taken wrong by just a few…the folks that have been instrumental in my life never told me how good or great I was, they never sugar coated the message of life or any other message they shared with me but, like any good instructor, they always hit me, as it were, "right between the eyes" with the truth, most times it is what I guess some call "tough love" and many times NOT what I really wanted to hear, but what I really needed.

Their encouragement always came in the form of now that you have and know the truth, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and go get em'! I notice our Father God does that very thing. From start to finish in the Bible He tells us the Truth, His Truth and not just a humans perspective! And, as I mentioned, many times it's Truth that maybe we really don't like or want to hear, but it's God's Love because He knows better and it changes us for the better. He lets His friends and family know what their doing wrong, how to change, tells us what's coming, and then makes sure we know His Love, patience, Grace, loving kindness and care for us and, that those never never end and He will see us through! Just as the Word says…our fathers taught and disciplined us as best they knew how but God's teaching and discipline is always perfect, and so is His encouragement!

The builders referred to in Haggai had been under much stress and pounding from the enemy. God never pulled any punches with them but made sure that Haggai and the Prophets gave them the timely encouragement they much needed. I've been very blessed to have been raised by and those that have crossed my path to share with me how it is and how it's probably going to be. They never puffed me up but they were there to encourage and push me harder to be the best person I could be, in whatever endeavor I was in! Anyone that knows me very well, and Cara could sure testify, knows that I don't beat around the bush about things. But they also know that when you need encouragement, it might start out with what you really don't want to hear but will end up, as I've been taught, you can do this, for according to Philippians 4:13…I can do, and so can you, do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens us!

We all need and the body of Christ needs the Truth of God's Word. And, in that Word is everything we need for life and Godliness. Many times I've become discouraged about life in general and sometimes I've been a little discouraged about what I've read in the Word. It seems that at those times, if I'm open to hearing and listening to the Father's voice, He comes with the encouragement I need, just at the right time! He's no respecter of persons and what He does for one He will do for you too!

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