Just some thoughts…

I saw a headline that stated: Chick-fil-A's anti-gay-marriage stance triggers online uproar… and, I might add, I've seen some of the uproar first hand!

The best I can tell Chick-fil-a was and continues to be founded on their belief in "Christian values", not solely on how they felt or think but have truly tried to base their beliefs on the Word of God and the Biblical definition of the "family unit." I keep in mind that the Bible is not something we should use to try and beat someone over the head with or use it to shame someone into submission! Conviction is the work of the Holy Spirit and He does it correctly, in Love. But I do believe, as I was raised, that if you truly believe in something you make a stand for that belief, not being ashamed of your faith. Please see Romans 1:16 and Matthew 10:32,33 as examples.  Many, in my opinion have made a stand for what they believe too. The difference as I see it in this situation, is that when a Christian individual, Church or company such as Chick-fil-a makes a stand, it is labeled hate, bigotry and complete intolerance. I too have felt the wrath that when I shared what the Bible says about a situation or statement that I believe in with all my heart, I was labeled full of hatred and a bigot. I'm not standing up for Chick-fil-a or for their food, I don't particular like it, I am standing up for their convictions and the fact that this is really not about their company but standing up for what they believe.

I do applaud anyone that stands up for what they believe, but when someone differs we have the opportunity to either accept or reject their differences and hopefully sit down and politely discuss them. But to immediately label an opinion as spewing hate is, in my opinion, showing the same intolerance that you so readily accuse the other of doing. Most people, companies and very sadly many Churches refuse to stand up for what they believe, choosing to be a fence straddler, political correctness I think it's called.  The Bible refers to some of this in 2 Timothy 4:3,4.  My Grandma had a saying about sitting on the fence…all you get when you straddle the fence is torn britches! And, a very good friend added…and you might get more than just tore britches! William Wilberforce had much to say about this in his book "Real Christianity".

Over the years I have seen a greater separation of those that believe the inherent Word of God and those that choose not to.  And not just a separation but an all out attack by those that disagree. I am not the judge but I do believe what the Word says, that the true Judge is standing right at the door. Let us all re examine our lives and our beliefs to make sure they are true and that in the end they will hold up to the Truth and be able to stand before our Maker.  1 Corinthians 3:12.13