Music and the Internet

Received a message from our excellent guitar player at Church, Mr. John Hancock, that we are doing for a special song this morning Revelation Song. He sent me a link to hear it sung by Kari Jobe. I like the link and even though I'm familiar with the song I picked up some ideas from her drummer. But what I enjoy about the Internet and especially you tube is tapping into how other drummers play it just by typing in "drums to Revelation Song". So now for this morning I have about 3 sheets of drum music I've done from 4 different drummers I listened to!

Okay, here is how this works, I will borrow a little out of each, the key word there being borrow! With the opportunity to listen to other accomplished percussionists it gives me some ideas I might not have thought of.

By the way, because I'm a fan I've already seen how I can add a little Stuart Copeland into the mix as well. I see a Steve Young drum video on the horizon! Thanks to my excellent drum teacher Logan Swords, owner of Swords Music, Ft Worth's oldest operational music store now in his 43rd year, who taught me to play the drums to many, many kinds of music!

Hope you have a blessed Sunday.

Steve Young