Standing firm

I've noticed one of the hardest things to do in life, for me anyway, is to not answer back and retaliate when your being accused of things and when other's judge you on what they have heard. I learned from my Mom and Grandma that Truth ALWAYS will prevail and to keep your mouth shut. Easier said than done because it usually doesn't look that way!

But, looking back all these somewhat many years, they were right. Actually their teaching is completely Scripture based and presents itself as a natural law. Some call it what goes around comes around. The Word says in several places that there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed and nothing covered that will not be uncovered.  Galatians 6:7 says Do not be deceivedGod is not mocked ; for whatever man sowsthis he will also reap.

Another Truth I've learned that, maybe your not at fault or didn't do the things your accused of but, ain't nobody perfect, and that includes me, so that's a pretty good place to start, with myself. James 5:9 says Do not complainbrethrenagainst one anotherso that you yourselves may not be judged ;beholdthe Judge is standing right at the door. And in 2 Cor. 13:5 Paul admonishes us to "test & examine" ourselves, or, what fruits is my life producing!
 Now, when these Truths are applied and you begin to see the faults in yourself, it becomes very easy to forgive, keep your mouth shut and pray for mercy, for yourself and for others! Let me see here, Ah yes, remove the large piece of wood from my own eye, THEN I can help my fellow man remove the splinter from his eye.

Foundational, simple teaching that, again, not easy to do but when we rely on Jesus, the Living Word and His Mercies & Loving kindness, we see great changes, first in ourselves and then in those we forgive and pray for. Wait a minute, I thought this had to do with others accusations and not me? Nope, it all starts with me and the power of the choice I make in how I will deal with any and all situations in life!

Steve Young