Candidate interviews 

Once again it's time to listen to what they want us to hear, or think they want us to hear.

Actually that is the reason we do this at the Arlington Board of Realtor's, have the city council & school board candidates come in and answer questions we have for them.

I've participated in this little tete a tete over the years and even though it is an all day torture for me to sit still that long, it's a very good way to listen, observe and decide on who the Board will be endorsing. I personally like to hear the candidates answer questions that are about their role in Government, why they are pursuing this endeavor and especially answer questions/concerns we as Realtors have regarding private property rights! Interesting ides and answers always come forth. 

I guess the most amazing thing I see revealed from some of them is their lack of knowing what's going on with issues that are presented them in question form. Oh well, this is politics…isn't it??

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