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Really had a fun time yesterday teaching using twitter for our business. I really only know about 5 minutes worth of stuff but managed to stretch it out to an hour!! 

I understand that 19 were in the class and even had 2 affiliates interested in using social media, especially twitter, to promote themselves and their business.

One of my points was that social media is great but it is not to take the place of good of fashioned face to face interaction, but it sure can be used as a way to get there! But, even if I never get to meet some folks in person that I've developed an online communication with, at least getting to know and share with them that way is better than not ever having that opportunity.

Looks like we are planning a second class in couple weeks to get a little deeper into setting up and promoting/branding online and, I believe the most important aspect, incorporating all this into our business plan. Maybe a new concept but let's run our business like a business and use our business time wisely, that way we have more quality time with our family, and ourselves.

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