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Hope your weekend was good. 

Cultivating good relationships, whether personal or business, starts with our focus…asking the question, where is our focus at?
If your focus is on yourself, what can I get out of it, that's about what you'll get, more self!!
But if your focus is on others, what can I do for them, how can I benefit, improve and help them, then your reward more than doubles. Not that we seek the reward but seek to be a blessing to others! Seek the benefit of others before yourself and you will greatly prosper. 
Sometimes we find ourselves in relationships with those that don't do that, they have the "what's in it for me" attitude. I believe that staying in that relationship is detrimental and unless you see a change in that person or business situation, it might be time to move on. We don't turn our back on the situation or person but we don't let it or them drag us down or move us from our goal! If we are the business or person that is doing that to other's, well there is hope and the power to make that change in our lives! 

Let other's seek after "things" and let other's seek after "other's", if we are a Christian, Jesus said to seek after Him, that which is Life itself! If you are not at that place in your life, let's make the "quality decision" to get there!

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