Websters…–adjectivebearing upon or connected with the matter in hand; pertinent: relevant remark.

One of the more popular sayings that's been going around: "it is what it is"

Well, maybe it is and maybe it's not! What if it ain't? Okay isn't, that for any of my English teachers that might stumble across this…what if there is more, what if there is another thought, a higher Truth?

 I confess I've used the saying even though I really dislike it and have always thought that 90% of the time it's a "cop out" statement, something to throw out that sounds like wisdom but is really a way of saying…don't fight the system, the enemy or the problem, just go along and be happy!

I like going along and being happy but sometimes the "is what it is" statement just doesn't work, for me anyway.
In the real estate the market, as an example, the "is what it is" is where I've found myself using this little worthless phrase. But the other day I was explaining the "is what it is" market to a seller prospect and he informed me that he could care less about the market and what it's doing, that his trust was in a higher authority and the home would sell being priced correctly and with good marketing. You might well say, isn't that the same as is what it is?

I say NO! For me, and his statement really woke me up to ask myself just who am I trusting in? The market or the Lord? Grandma always said be honest with yourself…but I digress, for me this is no different than after I had fallen 3 stories on a job site and they told me even with an operation I probably would need a walker to get around on. This
statement then becomes, if you subscribe to the popular phrase, "well, it is what it is"! But I didn't like that option and made a determined purpose and effort to put my trust in that "Higher Authority" and NOT accept the "is what it is" and accept the opposite, it is what God says it is! That to me was what the owner of the home was saying, for we should walk by faith, not by sight.

No doubt there are true "is what it is" sayings but lets be careful we don't use it as a crutch or a statement to just pass off what might NOT be "is what it is"!

I define relevant as: When I was pretty young, you ever wonder if you were ever really that young? I asked my Grandmother why she never had driven a car or even wanted to, she didn't even have a drivers license!! She looked at me, I was around 8 years old at the time which was in 1961, and said…why in the world would I want to get out in the middle of all that traffic and craziness out there on the roads and freeways? In 1961? Grandma, who thought traffic was bad then…

 Oh well, I guess it is what it is! 

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