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Attended a very good Arlington Board of Realtors leaderships meeting yesterday in beautiful Granbury. There are, as seems to be the case in other fields I have participated in, probably 20% that will be involved in any way in their respective endeavors and maybe even less that desire to be involved through leadership. It's really sad that in something you've been given much most don't think it is important at all to give any back, even if it is only giving back some small amount through volunteer time or money donations. Mom always said better not do any complaining unless you've made an effort to change it.

Through leadership training we heard words such as cooperation, trust, being prepared, focus, culture, common objectives & goals to help unite behind a common direction. Forget for a minute that this was a leadership training, these philosophies are adequate, I suggest, in all of our ever day living! I do believe the Tea Party movement, as an example, is founded on this. I do know through reading history that those that have gone before us, when presented with the option put before them of freedom or losing it, did unite behind a common direction. 

Leadership training…good foundational teaching for everyone!

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