Friday real estate & stuff

The word "stuff" always reminds me of the comedian George Carlin's skit, "A place for your stuff" & that our homes are just a place for our stuff, basically a covering for our stuff, with locks so we can make sure no one comes in and gets our stuff.

Now, can we say "unclutter", a famous word in the marketing of homes. You know, it's what most of us Realtor's have in our own personal homes, clutter, but get after the seller's for having tooooo much stuff, clutter, in their homes. In reality, unless there's some major problem, like 28 year old shag carpet, it is probably the single most important thing a seller can do to make their home show better. Well, along with removing off the wall your framed 4th grade math paper because you got an A. 

I write this because, As Carlin points out, sometimes people have to get a bigger house so they can have more room for their STUFF and this topic will definitely come up…again!

Have a great weekend & don't forget to call or email me if you or someone you know is interested in selling, buying, leasing or all the above! Interest rates remain low and there are still great opportunities for you! 

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