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Technology: Treat your batteries right
Most digital cameras, cell phones, laptops, and other portable devices run on lithium-ion batteries. Here are some tips for their use.

Charge them whenever you want. Lithium-ion batteries don't suffer from "memory effect," which describes other types of batteries' tendency to hold less charge if not fully discharged regularly.

Don't let them run too low. There is a point at which a lithium-ion battery suffers damage from discharging too much power. Most devices have built-in safeguards to shut down before the damage occurs, but it's good practice to recharge your battery before your phone stops working.

Don't let them get hot. Heat is a lithium-ion battery's worst enemy. The batteries degrade over time regardless of their use, but their performance will quickly deteriorate when exposed to high temperatures.

Store them with a partial charge. You're better served to alternate between two batteries rather than storing one. A lithium-ion battery degrades over time whether it's used or not, so consider getting some use out of it. However, if you decide to store a lithium-ion battery for a few months, give it at least a half-charge.

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