Herman Boswell

I met this man in early 90's when I went to work for his real estate company. Just some thoughts I have about Herman, not just now that he has passed away but these are reflections from pretty much the first day I met him, of course my insight and admiration for him grew as I got to know him better. I have sometimes wondered if anyone really got to know Herman real well, maybe my daughter Cara even more than I but the amount I did know him has and will continue to bless me.
I could tell right away this guy was a tough customer that you probably wouldn't want to get in a fight with but, without a Dad in my life,  like so many men that the Lord has had cross my path to help teach me and try to keep me on the straight and narrow, men like my Uncle, Charlie McDonough, Bob McCaslin, Owen Cain, and many more, very tough, hard men that, like Herman, all had one thing in common, they all possessed a very kind and giving heart. Sometimes the giving came from the tip of their boot but I surly must have needed it!!
Herman Boswell…gentle, kind, fair, honest, faithful, trustworthy and giving…I'm talking the "bend over backwards-shirt off the back" giving. He was always respectful of women & I witnessed time after time going out of his way to help others. Soft spoken, shy and never sought after the limelight but wanted others to have it.
Mr. Boswell, thank you sir and I will miss you,

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