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Kirby Anderson, thank you for the update regarding the Austin situation dealing with FULL disclosure. Being in real estate for over 20 years I understand full disclosure! I wonder how the workers in the clinics would like partial, or the way they us their words, complete deception, when they were buying a home from a seller and that seller used the same tactics? Their would quickly be a law suit once the deception was found out and the seller, & Realtor, if involved, would be paying a very large amount of damages and probably all court costs. 

God works by and uses just weights, scales and balances (Lev 19:36 & Proverbs 16:11). We better get back to this too and I applaud the city of Austin & others for making that stand.

Just a thought that I wanted to share and again I appreciate your comments and Point of View radio station.

Steve Young

Steve Young
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