Texas Real Estate

Just got back from Texas Association mid winter meetings and excited to see participation up in committees and at the meeting as well. I truly believe that more folks are catching on that it's time we ALL take a stand for our business and private property rights! I am also seeing this trend in other areas of business and private sectors as well. 

Hope all will continue to at least check out OUR web site at Texas Real Estate and promote the site to consumers too. It's a great tool to get the word out regarding updated and CORRECT information to the public about Texas Real Estate.

We all have our individual companies, areas and niches we work in, but I've found TAR to be there for ALL Texas Realtors, no matter who you work for. If you just look at ZIP Forms, the TAR legal hot line, Mongo Fax and advertising that promotes "ask a Texas Realtor as examples, these things alone more than support the low low dues we have at TAR. Add in the other programs, benefits and perks, and you have an organization that  truly works from the membership level UP!

Let's don't forget, it's more about the customers, clients and private property rights we represent & fight for than about a company, or really even us as an individual, that matters most.

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